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Turning interest into action

Many families are unable to acknowledge the need for change until a moment of crisis. Quite often, the crisis is caused by factors including separation or divorce, addiction, adolescent rebellion, a second marriage which blends children from previous relationships, despair over the loss of a family member, or biologically based problems. Our experience shows that effective change during or after crisis requires careful and compassionate interventions.

The Family Institute of Virginia believes therapy should provide such a climate. We begin with recognition of problems and proceed by utilizing the professional skills of experienced therapists and consultants. Our general goals are change, discovery, emotional healing, and growth. More specific goals are dictated by each client’s needs. Examples include: 

• conflict between couples and between parents and children

• promoting a closer understanding of the needs of elderly family members

• developing a more positive self-image, which may include career changes

• improving each family member’s life functioning

• enhancing interpersonal skills

• finding effective ways divorced parents can communicate regarding joint parental responsibilities

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