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360° Services is a cutting-edge approach to therapeutic care. Each team member has over  20 years of experience with the program and knows what it takes to produce a successful outcome. The program has three main steps:

Step 1: Initial Assessment

During this step, our interdisciplinary team meets with the entire family, including the family member who needs treatment, to understand the problem and define a course of treatment. Lasting from two days to two weeks, the Assessment includes:

  • An in-depth, multiple session evaluation with the FIV therapy team

  • A thorough psychiatric assessment and diagnosis

  • Interviews with all family members and other important people in the patient’s life

In addition to FIV’s in-house therapeutic and psychiatric specialists, the Assessment can also include legal, vocational, educational, and medical specialists as needed. Our goal is to transition your loved one into a healthy, active lifestyle.  

Step 2: The Treatment Plan

When the Assessment is complete, the FIV team forms its diagnosis and works with the family to create personalized Treatment Plan. The plan sets individualized objectives designed to address the emotional, social, and educational/vocational needs of the patient. The Treatment Plan is a “Doing” plan, with the patient taking an active role in life as well as treatment. Plans can include:

  • Medication

  • Therapy

  • Detoxification and Addiction Treatment

  • Life Skills Training from a team of Life Coaches as necessary

  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment – should circumstances warrant, FIV assists in procuring housing near our offices and provides a Life Coach whose involvement can range from 10 hours a week to 24/7 care to help ensure the patient follows the Treatment Plan

  • 24/7 availability of FIV therapeutic and psychiatric staff

  • Treatment at a specially selected program in the patient’s home community

  • Intensive treatment for patients who have a dual diagnosis, serious depression, or are at risk for self-harm

Step 3: Implementation and Follow-up

To implement the Treatment Plan, FIV chooses the best Life Coaches, caretakers, and medical professionals to address the patient’s mental health issues, which may be compounded by substance abuse, medical problems, developmental crises, and family stressors. Again, this is not a passive process; we make sure the patient is actively working on improving all aspects of life including fitness, education, career, and community.


Follow-up starts almost immediately with regular progress meetings with the patient and the family. All members of the treatment team work together to make adjustments as needed while treatment is in progress to ensure the patient’s success. We also keep the family updated on their loved one’s progress and any relevant family-specific issues encountered as treatment continues. Both patient and family meet separately with the treatment team to monitor progress and get family feedback.

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