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Most inpatient treatment centers isolate patients from the community around them. We developed our Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program because we believe that learning how to live in the world around them is critically important to our clients’ success. The supervision and guidance our Life Coaches provide lets our clients experience a safe, supportive environment without isolation.

How Intensive Outpatient Treatment Works

We work with clients in their own homes or help them procure an apartment in Richmond, VA on a short-term, renewable lease. Each client is assigned a Life Coach, who is responsible for helping the client develop healthy independent living skills. This way, the program maintains the supervision and accountability of a 24-hour inpatient treatment setting, but without the confining environment. Both client and family meet with the treatment team separately to monitor progress, get family feedback, and address issues that arise as treatment continues.

Promoting Growth

After the client has become adjusted to their new routine, our clinical staff and Life Coaches develop a set of long-term goals. We administer a combination aptitude/personality examination that determines their individual strengths and outlines how they can be used to create a happy, productive life. As the client moves forward, the Life Coach transitions into a more supervisory role.

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