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Harry J. Aponte, Ph. D.
The Academy House – Philadelphia, PA
Family Institute of Virginia – Richmond, VA

Contact Information
Professional Offices: 
The Academy House
1420 Locust Street,#32D
Philadelphia, PA 19102
(215) 732-4238
Consulting & Training Center
1420 Walnut Street, Suite 920
Philadelphia, PA 19102
Phone: (215) 640-0773
Fax: (215) 640-0774
The Family Institute of Virginia
2910 Monument Ave.
Richmond, Virginia 23221
Master of Social Work, 1959
Fordham School of Social Service, New York, N.Y.
Post-Graduate Training, 1968
The Menninger Clinic, Topeka, Kansas,
1960-61 Social Work
1966-68 Psychotherapy TrainingCertifications and Licensure
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Pennsylvania: License No. CW-001344-L
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist: 
License No. MF000326
Professional and Academic Experience: 
Present Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA
Professor, Couple & Family Therapy Program
Private Clinical Practice
Lecturer and Workshop Leader
1968- 1979 Philadelphia Child Guidance Clinic, Philadelphia, PA
1975-79 Director of PCGC
1974-75 Director of Outpatient Department
1969-74 Coordinator of Clinical Services
1968-69 Staff
1961-1968 Menninger Clinic, Topeka, Kansas
1965-68 Section Coordinator of Casework, 
C. F. Menninger Memorial Hospital
1962-68 Caseworker, Psychotherapist,
Supervisor, Teacher of Family Therapy
1961-62 Caseworker, Outpatient Department
1959-60 Catholic Charities Family Service, New York, NY;
New York City Youth Board contract to work with "Multiproblem Families"
Professional Society Memberships:
National Association of Social Workers
American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists [Approved Supervisor]
American Family Therapy Academy
Areas of Special Interest/ Lecture and Workshop Topics Include:
Structural Family Therapy
Family Therapy with Low-income and Minority Families
The Person of the Therapist 
Spirituality and Therapy 
Selected Honors and Distinctions: 
1984 Award for Outstanding Contributions on a National Level to the Field of Family Therapy, the National Association of Social Workers – S.E. Wisconsin Branch   
1992 Award for Distinguished Contribution to Family Therapy and Practice, the American Family Therapy Association 
1997 I. Arthur Marshall Distinguished Alumnus Award, the Menninger Foundation
1998 Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Field of Marriage and Family Therapy, the American Family Therapy Association of New Jersey
2001 Award for Outstanding Contribution to Marriage and Family Therapy, the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy 
2004 Degree of Doctor of Humane Letters (honoris causa), Drexel University
2006 Degree of Doctor of Public Service (honoris causa), University of Maryland
N.D. Fellow of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy
N.D. Board Certified Diplomate in Clinical Social Work
Selected Research and Publications
Children of society's ills. The American Journal of Nursing, August, 1966, 66(8).
Ervin B. Zentner and Harry J. Aponte. The amorphous family nexus. The Psychiatric Quarterly, January, 1970, 44(1).
With Lynn Hoffman. The open door: A structural approach to a family with an anorectic child. Family Process,  March, 1973,12(1).
Psychotherapy for the poor: An eco-structural approach to treatment. Delaware Medical Journal,  March, 1974, 46(3). 134-144.
An eco-structural approach to systems change: A brief discussion. Psykisk Halsa, Swedish Association of Mental Health Care, Stockholm, 1974, Vol. 3.
Organizing treatment around the family's problems and their structural bases. The Psychiatric Quarterly, 1974, 48(2). 209-222. 
The family-school interview: An eco-structural approach. Family Process,  September, 1976, 15(3). 303-311.
The cornerstone of therapy: The person of the therapist. The Family Therapy Networker, March-April, 1982, 6(2), 19-21.
The negotiation of values in therapy. Family Process, September, 1985, 24(3), 323-338.
"If I don't get simple, I cry". Family Process, December, 1986, 25(4), 531-548.
The treatment of society's poor:  An ecological perspective on the underorganized family.  Family Therapy Today, January, 1987, 2,1-7.
With Joan E. Winter, The person and practice of the therapist: Treatment and training. Journal of Psychotherapy and the Family,  Spring, 1987, 3, 85-111.
Joan E. Winter and Harry J. Aponte, The family life of psychotherapists: Treatment and training implications. Journal of Psychotherapy and the Family.  Summer, 1987, 3(2).
Please join me in a short walk through the South Bronx.  AFTA Newsletter.   Winter, 1989, No. 37.
"Too many bosses": An eco-structural intervention with a family and its community.  Journal of Strategic and Systemic Therapies.  Fall, 1990. 9(3),  49-63.
With John J. Zarski, Catherine Bixenstine, Pamela Cibik, Home/community-based services: A two-tier approach.  American Journal of Orthopsychiatry.   July, 1991. 61(3), 403-408.
Training on the person of the therapist for work with the poor and minorities. Journal of Independent Social Work.  1991, 5(3/4), 23-40.
John J. Zarski, Harry J. Aponte, Catherine Bixenstine, Pamela Cibik, Beyond home-based family intervention: A multi-family approach toward change. Contemporary Family Therapy.   February, 1992.14(1).
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The Persons of the mentor and the learner.  AFTA Newsletter.   Summer,1993, 52,19-20.
How personal can training get? Journal of Marital and Family Therapy. January, 1994. 20(1), 3-15.
Political bias, moral values, and spirituality in the training of psychotherapists. Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic. Fall, 1996.  60(4),  488-502.
Love, the spiritual wellspring of forgiveness:  An example of spirituality in our therapy.  Journal of Family Therapy (U. K.).   February, 1998.  20(1),  37-58.
God and therapy. Family Therapy Magazine.  January/February,  2002, 1(1), 16-21.
Spirituality:  The heart of therapy.  The Journal of Family Psychotherapy.  2002. 13(1/2), 13-27. 
Bread and spirit: Therapy with the new poor. New York: Norton. 1994. 
Foreign Translations
Sottoorganizzazione nella Famiglia Povera.(translation of Underorganization in the Poor Family), Terapia Familiare, Roma, Giugno, 1979, Vol. 5.
Therapie Familiale et Communaute. (translation of Family Therapy and the Community), Therapie Familiales, Institutions, Quartier, Bruxelle, Belgique, 1980, No. 2 Gamma.
La persona del terapeuta: Piedra angular de la terapia. (translation of The Cornerstone of Therapy: The Person of the Therapist), SISTEMAS FAMILIARES, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1985, Año 1/Número 1.
La persona y la práctica del terapeuta. Tratamiento y entrenamiento. (translation of The Person and Practice of the Therapist: Treatment and Training) SISTEMAS FAMILIARES, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1988, Año 4/Número 2.
With Lynn Hoffman, La Porta Aperta. (translation of The Open Door) in Luigi Onnis (Ed.), Familiglia E Malattia Psicosomatica, Roma, La Nuova Scientifica, 1988.
Entrenamiento de la persona del terapeuta en Terapia Familiar Estructural. (translation of Training the Person of the Therapist in Structural Family Therapy) SISTEMAS FAMILIARES, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1992, Año 8/Número 3.
(1994) Bread and spirit: Therapy with the new poor.  New York: Norton.  Korean Translation 1995 by Hana Medical Publishing Co. by arrangement with W. W. Norton.
El amor, la fuente espiritual del perdón: un ejemplo de espiritualidad en terapia. (translation of Love, the spiritual wellspring of forgiveness:  An example of spirituality in our therapy) De Familias y Terapias, Santiago, Chile, Mayo 2000, Año 8/Número 12.
L’Amour, source espirituelle du pardon: Un exemple de spiritualité en thérapie. (translation of Love, the spiritual wellspring of forgiveness:  An example of spirituality in our therapy) Therapie Familiale, Genève, Vol. XXII - 2001 - No. 4, 337-359.
Editorial Positions:
Comité Asesor Internacional, SISTEMAS FAMILIARES, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Editorial Advisory Board, Journal of Marital & Family Therapy
Editorial Board, Journal of Family Psychology
Editorial Consultant, Family Process
Advisory Editor, Contemporary Family Therapy
IAMFC Distinguished Advisory Board, The Family Journal
Editorial Board, Journal of Feminist Family Therapy
Textbook Contributions and Other Writings
Forward for Psychotherapy with Children by Frederick H. Allen. Lincoln, Nebraska, University of Nebraska Press, Bison Book Edition. 1979.
Preface for Ethnicity and Family Therapy Edited by Monica McGoldrick, J. K. Pearce, & Joe Giardano. New York: Guilford Press. 1982.
Forward for The Social and Political Contexts of Family Therapy edited by Marsha Pravder Mirkin.  Boston: Allyn and Bacon. 1990.
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Diagnosis in family therapy. In Carel B. Germain (Ed.), Social work practice: People and environments. (pp. 107-149). New York: Columbia University Press. 1978.
SIDS and family therapy. In S. E. Weinstein (Ed.), Mental health Issues in grief counseling. DHEW Publication No. (HSA) 79-5264, 1979.
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Reviews and Commentaries: 
Review of Families of The Slums by Salvador Minuchin, et al., (New York, Basic Books, 1967) in Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic, January, 1969, Vol. 33, No. 1.
Review of Transactions: The Interplay Between Individual, Family and Society by John Spiegal (New York, Science House, 1972) in Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic, September, 1973, Vol. 37, No. 5.
Discussion of "Adolescent Acting Out When a Parent has Cancer" by D. K. Wellisch in International Journal of Family Therapy, Fall, 1979, Vol. 1, No. 3.
Review of Hunger of Memory by Richard Rodriguez (Boston, Godine Publishing Co., 1982) in the Philadelphia Inquirer, February 7, 1982.
Training Videos:
A House Divided: Structural Family Therapy with a Black Family. Golden Triad Films. 1990.
Tres Madres: Structural Family Therapy with an Anglo/Hispanic Family.  Golden Triad Films. 1990.
A Daughter Who Needs a Mother. AAMFT Master Series. 1992.
Williams Family: Strength and Vulnerability. Research and Education Foundation, AAMFT. 1995.
Clinical Application of Forgiveness. National Conference on Forgiveness, University of Maryland. 1996.
Family Therapy with the Experts: Structural Therapy with Harry Aponte.  Allyn & Bacon. 1998.

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